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Private Readings

I am honored to work with you! Please reach out with any questions or scheduling concerns


(ZOOM and In Person at Hope Ethereal in Norwell, MA *Click designated link upon booking)

50 Minutes for $130 / 90 Minutes for $195


Are you looking for a new way of healing? Have you tried the traditional path and left with the feeling of needing more? I will use my intuitive gifts alongside the skills that I have acquired from over a decade of work in the clinical mental health field to provide you with the utmost clarity, support and healing.  You can decide whether you desire a more general overview, a specific direction around certain areas of your life or want to leave it up to Spirit!  


Towards the end of the session, we will make space for a processing conversation to discuss the session and to create a plan to integrate into your life all that you have received.

Who it is for:

Intuitive Guidance sessions are for anyone looking for a new and refreshing way of support! You may have tried traditional psychotherapy and it just never worked. There wasn't enough spirit to the sessions. Things felt dry or surface level. Or, you may have tried healing modalities yet the safe space or processing was left out and you left feeling raw and vulnerable. Whether you are looking for more support around grief, relationships, soul purpose, career, environment or transitions, an intuitive guidance session is right for you! 

***If you are looking for the FULL package, peek below at the Intuitive Guidance Journey


(ZOOM and In Person at Hope Ethereal in Norwell, MA *Click designated link upon booking)

30 Minutes for $65


The Integration Session is intended for those to use as a follow up from the Intuitive Guidance Session. This will support the integration of the information received within the previous session into your life.

Who it is for:

The Integration Session is for those who have engaged with me in an Intuitive Guidance Session and some time has passed since to allow things to settle in. People who seek out this offering are often in a place where they feel things have moved from the previous session and yet there are a few changes that are needed in order to keep taking steps forward. These are not necessary but may be helpful!


(ZOOM and In Person at Hope Ethereal in Norwell, MA *Click designated link upon booking)

50 Minutes for $130


I will connect with Spirit and bring forward messages filled with love, comfort and wisdom from your loved ones who are no longer here in the physical world. Although Spirit orchestrates who joins us in session, please know that all messages come forward with recognition for your best interest at the time and place of our meeting. 

Who it is for:

Mediumship readings are for anyone looking to connect with their loved ones on the other side and experience the wonderful healing messages of Spirit.


(ZOOM and In Person at Hope Ethereal in Norwell, MA *Click designated link upon booking)

5 sessions for $600 (one 90 minute and four 50 minute sessions)

This is a journey of multiple sessions with Kate which will be focused on healing and moving towards specific goals. You, Spirit and Kate will work together to assign objectives, and take steps towards more healing and clarity in your life. 

Who it is for:

This package is for those looking to dive headfirst into their soul's journey and follow through with intention, purpose and support from Kate. She will utilize her clinical skills as well as her psychic mediumship abilities to guide you to living your fullest life. At the end of the 6 hours you will leave feeling more connected to Spirit, clearer about the path forward and more confident than ever!

***Please book the 90 minute to start and the four 45 minutes sessions will follow


(Zoom and In Person)

Contact Me for Pricing and To Book

Do you have a group of people with a collective desire to receive messages from loved ones in spirit? Please reach out to discuss more! 

Cancellation policy: There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. If your payment has been processed and you are providing less than 24 hours notice of cancellation your payment is nonrefundable. If you request to reschedule or request a refund with at least 24 hours advanced notice, your request will be accommodated.

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