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Trailblazing is hard work but SO worth it

In our culture we are often conditioned to fit in. Go the straight and narrow. Do not cause upset. Do not stand out. Let’s face it though. This isn’t what we actually come to Earth to do. We come to Earth to live our purpose. To shine our light on whatever that may be and overcome any obstacles that stand in our way. These obstacles can sometimes be creating new paths. Shaking things up a bit and questioning existing structures that do not appear to be working for the benefit of human kind. To me, my life has been a trailblazing path from the moment I came into the world. I demanded change in my family members’ daily lives, I questioned the educational system constantly and always encouraged those I love to fight for what they love. This fire was at the center of who I was. It was a big part of my soul. However, overtime it slowly burned out. I was judged, labeled and made to feel unsafe in this world. I did far less of my soul’s work and if I did, it was underground; behind the layers of new narratives and new labels. I felt tired, burnt out, depressed, and hopeless. I also was less connected to "my people." The community who held me, understood me and loved me. The hardships that life handed me felt so much harder. A few years ago, after the trauma around my daughter’s entrance into the world, I decided no more. I am me. I am whole and meant to walk this Earth as my full self. I will grieve the losses that arise as I step forward, manage the growing pains and smooth out the tension as long as I am following me. Nothing else matters. Truly. I am here and do this work because I believe the world will be a better place when we all step forward with our own individual wisdom and fullest of hearts. We all have the key to unlock our path. We all have the innate ability to heal our wounds. Life is not easy, soul work is not easy AND we all deserve to grow, learn and shine as bright as we can. There are absolutely times when I wake up and think “this may be a whole lot easier if I wasn’t a medium. If I wasn’t trying to bridge two realms. If I wasn’t working to advocate for change and more awareness in some “taboo” areas.” Yet, I don’t feel like I have the choice anymore. I also have experienced profound benefits to living this life. I feel less impacted by mental health symptoms, more present in my day to day life and more committed to my overall wellness. My hope is that if each day I shine my light as bright as possible and surrender to what my soul needs most in this world, then I will leave knowing I did the work. I am here to ask you to do the same. The world needs you now. To shine as bright as you can and show up as your fullest and truest self. There’s no better time than now. I invite you to ask yourself these questions: If I were to wake up one day and suddenly every obstacle, fear, blockage was lifted: 1. What would my life look like? 2. How would I be moving throughout my day? 3. Where would I be living? 4. Who would I be surrounded by? Any observation that comes into your mind, honor it and write it down. Each day, I encourage you to look at these observations and move a little closer to this being a reality. As unhelpful thoughts, judgments, discomfort show up, be kind to them. Give them a hug, surround them with love and send them on their way. The more we lean into this discomfort and expose ourselves to the reality that this life is possible and is worth it, the easier it will get. Your soul knows you are destined for greatness. Your mind, body and spirit might just need a little hand holding every now and then. Sending you so much love as you continue to shine your light!

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