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Mediumship Reading (One Hour)

Experience the tremendous love from the spirit world and the light of your soul within a grounded, safe space.

Are you yearning to experience the love of the spirit world and all that it has to offer?

During this time together, Kate will bring forward love-filled messages and evidential information from Spirit to provide evidence that your loved ones are still very much present in your life. Kate will relay messages that provide comfort and validation that love never dies. If desired, and within the boundaries of time, Kate will also tap into your own soul to provide further messages that support your journey here in this lifetime.

What makes Kate's approach a bit different than other mediums is that she will use the last ten to fifteen minutes of the session for a space for processing. During this time, she will help you integrate the messages that you received and provide support to carry forward the love, comfort and clarity experienced during session into your everyday life.


One hour for $175.

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