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Soul-Centered Support Package (Three or Six Sessions)

Work with Kate and her soul-centered approach through multiple sessions, focusing on uncovering and healing any blockages or barriers to living a joy-filled life.

Are you moving through a time in your life where you feel grounded and "okay" but are wondering what is next?

Do you long for something more, but just don't know what that is?

Are you curious about the wisdom of your soul and all of the benefits that come from living a soul-centered life?

This is a journey of multiple private sessions with Kate which will be focused on uncovering and healing any blockages or barriers to living a joy-filled life by increasing your intuition and relationship with your soul and all of the wisdom that it holds. This package is for those looking to dive headfirst into being free from any barriers holding them back from their soul's purpose and follow through with intention, purpose and support from Kate.

Kate will begin your time together with a soul to soul reading where you will experience your soul through the eyes of spirit. She will further guide you in focusing the mind, centering the body and connecting to spirit so that you may grow in your relationship with your own soul and receive the wisdom that it holds in your day to day life.

Kate will utilize her intuitive skills throughout sessions to help you tune into your soul, provide insight, and uncover any barriers that may be in the way of you living out your soul's purpose. As an additional tool, Kate will provide you a copy of her workbook, "The Essentials: A Jump-Start Guide to Soul-Centered Living" for your own personal use. If desired, she will help you work with this workbook and all of the components within it to develop a stronger relationship with your own soul.

Kate designed this offering as a package in order to give you both the necessary space to feel safe and grounded enough to practice your own intuitive skills, trust your inner knowing and utilize strategies for listening in and responding to your soul so that you may reach your utmost potential.


A three session package for $600 and a six session package for $1,000.

These include an initial one hour and a half intake session followed by one hour sessions.

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