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Since I was a young child, I have always been aware of the spirit world around me. I was very connected to my soul and to the souls of others. Upon entering school, my unique and different spirit was recognized by others. Unfortunately, I perceived this attention in a negative way and began to dim my light in order to fit into social norms. My mind was very busy, my body was not grounded and I was disconnected from Spirit. After a few significant life events, including the traumatic birth of my first born, I was called to explore my gifts in a deeper way. I was led to awaken my spiritality. As a result, I began to remove the figurative mask that I had been wearing for most of my life. It has been the hardest and most rewarding work of my life. I am proud to commit to self-love and soul centered living over and over again. 


I have survived many traumas during my lifetime including the sudden loss of a loved one and uncertainty of my daughter's survival after birth. I have been on the journey back to wholeness for many years. It would be an honor to be an ally for you in this work. During my graduate education towards a master's degree in social work, I specialized in trauma and interpersonal violence. I believe that we are presented with roadblocks during our lifetime that pull us away from who we really are and it is our birthright to live each and every day as our full selves. The world needs it and we all deserve it!

I would be honored to work with you. Please reach out with any questions or concerns!

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