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Hi Beautiful Soul,

Since I was a young child, I have always been aware of the spirit world around me.

I was born with mediumistic gifts and would hear Spirit talking to me, especially during quiet moments like bedtime.  Without the tools and support to focus this gift, I was terrified and thus, I closed myself off from communication with the spirit world. Unfortunately, fear became a big part of my life experience. My home was not a safe space and in turn, the greater world did not feel like a place that was meant for me. 

Upon entering the school system, my unique and different spirit was recognized by others. Unfortunately, I perceived this attention in a negative way and began to dim my light even further in order to fit into social norms. My mind was very busy, my body was not grounded and I was disconnected from Spirit. 

I lost one of my primary caregivers, my beloved grandfather, tragically when I was 12. 

It was then that I experienced my first mediumship reading. I could feel his warm embrace, I knew he was okay and suddenly, I felt like I was home. It was still years later that I would be called back to mediumship. As I continued to develop and remained sensitive, I pursued unhealthy coping mechanisms, was hurt by others and was not living my life aligned with my soul. By the grace of Spirit, I found my footing.

I pursued the traditional route of education and received my Master of Social Work with a concentration in trauma recovery. For more than a decade, I worked as a licensed clinical social worker in traditional mental health settings supporting people in their own healing. I specialized in working with adolescents and young adults who did not fit into social norms and were questioning the very structure on which they stood.  Then, I was faced with one of the most surrendering experiences of my life.

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At 36 weeks pregnant, my daughter was diagnosed in utero with a severe congenital anomaly. Her survival was very much not guaranteed post birth and I, as a first-time mother had no control over her success once she moved Earth-Side. I experienced birth trauma, and my daughter, a significant NICU experience that led me further down the spiritual path. My daughter is now a healthy, shining light who is very connected and I know here to move mountains (like so many children born now)! 

I was called to reconnect with my mediumship in a deeper way and began formal training to become a professional medium. I was guided to take mediumship classes with highly respected teachers here in the United States as well as at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College in England. 

As a result of this training and experience, I was led to awaken my spirituality and remove the figurative mask that I had been wearing for most of my life in order live a genuine, soul-centered life. For me, this means living life according to what your soul desires, first and foremost. I knew then, that being a professional medium and spiritual teacher was part of my soul purpose. It has been the hardest and most rewarding work of my life. I am proud to commit to self-love and soul-centered living over and over again. 

About My Approach

I believe that we are presented with roadblocks during our lifetime that pull us away from who we really are and it is our birthright to live each and every day as our whole-selves.  

In my practice today, I strive to bring forward a grounded, safe space for working together. I believe that if we have the confidence and presence to listen in and respond to what our soul has to offer, we have incredible opportunities for a joy-filled life. No matter what offering that I am bringing forth, I use all of me and all of the tools that I have learned and developed to help those I serve focus the mind, center the body and connect to spirit. I find that through this approach, those I support have a stronger ability to receive the wisdom of their soul and messages of love, comfort and clarity from the spirit world.

It would be an honor to be an ally for you in this work!

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