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“My session with Kate was wonderful, profound, and beyond what I expected. Kate is very warm, empathetic, and a deep listener. She brought forward information and insights that helped me to see past situations in a different light, and gave me inspiration for moving forward. I felt very uplifted and validated after speaking with Kate, and I'm very grateful for our time together!
I love that Kate has a social work education, is an intuitive, and that she is able to speak from both a grounded human level as well as from an expansive Spirit-led perspective. Unlike other practitioners I've worked with she helped to put me at ease right away; I felt safe and seen. I appreciate her gift of looking at life's challenges from the soul level, and to move beyond typical labels of things. Kate is a very heart centered person and this quality shines through her work."

Steph Z (Intuitive/Mediumship Reading)

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