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  • What makes the work with Kate different from other mediums or other mental health professionals?
    Kate blends her 10 plus years as a mental health provider, with an expertise in trauma with her evidential mediumship to bring forward Clinical Mediumship™. She utilizes her clinical skills to set a safe space, engage in skills coaching as needed while supporting her clients in listening in and responding to the wisdom of their soul and connecting to Spirit for validation, comfort and clarity. This model of support has the ability to remove obstacles and bring clarity to a situation much quicker and more efficiently than other healing modalities.
  • Does Kate offer individual mediumship readings?
    At this time, Kate does not offer individual mediumship readings. She designed her offerings to not only connect mediumistically for one session, but to provide support for integration and healing beyond the session. Kate weaves mediumship in throughout her package offerings.
  • What is Soul-Centered Living?
    According to Kate, Soul-Centered Living is when you are living everyday as connected to your soul as possible. For her, this means listening in each and every day for guidance, support and clarity. She believes that when we listen in, and respond, although we will still experience life's hardships, we move with more ease and connectivity. In essence, Soul-Centered Living helps our mental health preventatively and reactively.
  • What does Clinically-Informed and Soul-Centered mean?
    This is the methodology that Kate uses in her work. Kate will use her mental health expertise including clinical wellness tools to help calm your mind and ground your body so that you are in a more effective state for your session. This allows you to feel more open and along with Kate, connect to spirit. This environment creates a safe, stable and connected space so that your soul can receive exactly what it is meant to receive at that time and place.
  • How can this work be integrated into to my life after my work with Kate is finished?
    The skills that you learn and experience within your session are practical, life skills. They can be used independently without Kate to live a more soul centered life and if desired, connect to Spirit in your own way.
  • What clinical skills does Kate use?
    Kate is highly trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and has met the educational requirements for certification. This therapy provides life skills and support to help individuals live a life worth living. In Kate’s terms “to help your soul truly shine!” Mindfulness is part of the foundation to DBT and Kate incorporates these practices often. She also weaves a myriad of other clinical modalities into her work including narrative therapist, mindful based cognitive therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and more.
  • What is a Soul-Centered Wellness Plan?
    A Soul-Centered Wellness Plan is a document designed to assess where you are supported currently in the areas of mind, body and spirit and where you may need more guidance. During the initial session of a package, Kate will go through these areas with you one by one and create a plan to help you accomplish specific goals in these sectors of your life. You will walk away with a tailored plan just for you.
  • What if I’m scared or nervous for the work?
    All feelings are normal and okay and Kate invites you to share whatever may be coming up for you at the start of the session. This is part of the process of the work and Kate is a trained professional and a safe space to share these experiences with.
  • How can I best prepare for my session?
    Kate encourages you to take care of your mind, body and spirit before the session. This might look differently for everyone. However, some suggestions from Kate are eating nourishing food, hydrating, moving your body, practicing mindfulness, doing something that you love or spending time feeling the love of your loved ones. This helps your whole self feel as prepared as possible for the healing and processing that is to come. Take a moment and write down any questions you have before we get started, and the feelings around them. Kate will provide space to talk about these at the beginning of the session.
  • Is there anything else that I should know?
    All of what Kate brings to you in sessions is in love and light and always in the best interest of you, your soul, and your mental wellness. Kate is direct and upfront about what she feels and experiences and with Spirit’s guidance, always invites you to provide feedback through the session to assess your own experience. This is one of the many benefits to working with a highly experienced, trained mental health professional.

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