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I am so excited you are here!

Intuitive Check-In Form

Please complete the steps below and Kate will respond via email with your video recording within 7 days. 

Step 1: Fill in your contact information and consent to Kate's terms and conditions.

Step 2: Click submit!

Thanks for submitting!

Step 3: Submit your 1-2 questions for intuitive guidance. Record voice memo OR write them out below. 

It is helpful for Kate to hear your voice in order to feel your energy and provide intuitive guidance. However, if you have any challenges with the voice memo or do not feel comfortable doing so, please submit your questions in the form below. Not to worry, it will still be a beautifully, spirit-led reading!

Step 3 (Option 1) Voice Memo 

Thanks for submitting!

Step 3 (Option 2) Written Questions

Step 4: Pay here. Thank you! Kate will be in touch within 7 days.

Please note: Kate may reach out via email with further questions if needed.

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