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Private Spirit and Soul Reading
(One Half-Hour or One Hour)

Experience the tremendous love and support from the spirit world and the light of your soul within a grounded, safe space.

During this private reading, Kate will focus on mediumship, intuitive spiritual guidance or a combination of the two to provide all that you are meant to receive from spirit and soul. This is a beautiful space to experience your soul through the eyes of spirit and receive comfort, validation and support from loved ones in spirit. When working mediumistically, Kate will bring forward messages from your loved ones in spirit. When working intuitively, she will be connecting to your soul, providing validation of its purpose and the light that it holds. Please note that Kate will surrender to Spirit in order to decide the direction of your reading and cannot guarantee that she will work mediumistically, intuitively or both.

This is in an incredibly intimate and sacred container set forth to help you achieve all that you are meant to on your life's path. You must be in a space where you are ready and open to receive radical, deep and transformational information from Spirit and soul. Kate does not work as a fortune teller and does not provide answers to questions about the future, health-related questions nor insight around someone else or anything that would be an invasion of another persons privacy. She is incredibly honored to be a guide for you around this work and considers it a highly revered experience.

Bring a pen, paper and an open mind to the tremendous love comfort and validation that will surely shine through!


One half hour for $95 or one hour for $175. Payment is Cash or Check preferred. Credit card is possible upon request.

Click link below to go to booking form.

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