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Soul-Centered Support Package
(Three or Six Sessions)

Receive direct, individualized support from Kate to remember your wholeness by developing your intuition and strengthening your relationship with your soul.

Kate's greatest joy is not only serving Spirit but giving others the tools they need to independently seek out healing, advice and insight through listening in and responding to their soul. This is a beautiful, supportive journey to develop your intuition and grow in your relationship with your soul. Together, you will work to regulate your nervous system to center the body, practice mindfulness strategies to focus the mind, and enhance your clairsenses to strengthen your connection to spirit. It is within this work that you are in a space to re-remember who you truly are! 

This package is for those looking to live more authentically, experience the magic of living each day according to their soul and follow through with intention, purpose and support from yours truly. Kate will utilize her own intuition intermittently as a means to help confirm and validate your own intuitive process. However, she will not provide intuitive insight that is separate from confirming your own process since this is the time for you to strengthen your own inner knowing, connection to your soul and truly embody this.

Kate will begin your time together with an assessment of your desired goals and wishes for this time together. She will provide you a copy of her workbook, "The Essentials: A Jump-Start Guide to Soul-Centered Living"as a guide for integrating and digesting the information that you learn throughout your time together.

Kate designed this offering as a package in order to give you both the necessary space to feel safe and grounded enough to practice your own intuitive skills, trust your inner knowing and utilize strategies for listening in and responding to your soul so that you may reach your utmost potential.


A three session package for $600 and a six session package for $1,000.

These include an initial one hour and a half intake session followed by one hour sessions.

Payment is Cash or Check is preferred. Payment per visit for packages may be discussed. Credit card is possible upon request.

Click link below to go to booking form. Want to schedule a 10 minute call with Kate before booking a package? She would be glad to! Please indicate this in you booking form.

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