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Kate Stacom, MSW, LICSW

Supporting mental wellness through spirit and soul.

I am a licensed clinical social worker, evidential medium and founder of Clinical Mediumship™, the practice of bridging the skills and safe space of traditional mental health with evidential mediumship to support life-changing healing and growth. This process is designed for you to grow in your relationship with your soul while experiencing validation and comfort from the spirit world. 

Why Now?

"The absence of spirit and intuition within traditional mental health settings can often leave the process feeling bland and surface level. The lack of application and integration of the information after intuitive sessions can sometimes lead to more questions. I aim to provide the full package by combining the heart and soul of intuitive sessions with the processing, safe space and evidence based clinical skills of traditional mental health."


- Kate Stacom, MSW, LICSW

Hear From Kate's Community

Cracked Rocks
“Kate was so accurate it was insane. Things no one but my husband and I knew. She was the first one to make me realize he is still with me in the present and it’s ok to keep him with me instead of feeling like I need to think of him in the past tense and as a memory or something I need to get over and move in from. I never knew they also grow on the other side. She helped me grow.
 I feel like Kate had me look inward for strength to make me feel like I am enough versus trying to find strength only through someone or something else."

Rebecca Z

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