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Meditating on the Beach


Experience the love from the spirit world and the light of your soul

within a grounded, safe space. 

Kate Stacom, Evidential Medium and Spiritual Teacher

Meet Kate

I am so glad that you are here!

Hi Beautiful Soul,

All labels aside, I am someone who has searched for a connection to the spirit world and deeper relationship with my own soul over and over again and come out stronger each time.  I went down the path of traditional healing both as a practitioner and as a recipient yet I left wanting more. Through years of internal practice, my external changed and I began to see the tremendous healing capacity of spirit and soul. It is my firm belief that we are all whole but we are programmed and designed in a way that makes this hard to remember. It is our divine right to feel connection to the spirit world and to live our lives regularly guided by our soul.No matter how you work with me, you are supported in a grounded, safe space so that you can begin to experience the wisdom of your soul, the love of the spirit world and the power that is YOU! This is a space for re-remembering...... Let's uncover where you are being guided so that you may experience true wholeness here in this lifetime. 

Hear From Kate's Community

“My session with Kate was wonderful, profound, and beyond what I expected. Kate is very warm, empathetic, and a deep listener. She brought forward information and insights that helped me to see past situations in a different light, and gave me inspiration for moving forward. I felt very uplifted and validated after speaking with Kate, and I'm very grateful for our time together!
I love that Kate has a social work education, is an intuitive, and that she is able to speak from both a grounded human level as well as from an expansive Spirit-led perspective. Unlike other practitioners I've worked with she helped to put me at ease right away; I felt safe and seen. I appreciate her gift of looking at life's challenges from the soul level, and to move beyond typical labels of things. Kate is a very heart centered person and this quality shines through her work."

Steph Z (Intuitive/Mediumship Reading)

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