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Bridging Mental Health and Spirituality to Bring You Inner Peace

My Mission:

The absence of spirit and intuition within traditional mental health settings can often leave the process feeling bland and surface level. The lack of application and integration of the information after psychic mediumship sessions can sometimes lead to more questions. I aim to provide the full package by combining the heart and soul of intuitive sessions with the processing, safe space and evidence based clinical skills of traditional mental health.


My name is Kate Stacom and I have a passion for soul centered living. 

I am an evidential psychic medium, spiritual teacher and licensed clinical social worker with a specialization in mental health. I deeply believe in the healing power of Spirit and the journey back to wholeness. In addition to providing loving messages from Spirit and validation around your life path, I also offer time to process the information you have received and make a practical plan for the journey ahead.


Our intuition is one of the greatest gifts we are given to help ourselves and others. It is my deep passion to help others discover their own individual way of living a soul centered life. My intention is to help you realign with your own inner knowing and connect with the spirit world for further validation, comfort and clarity.


For more about me and the journey that brought me here, click the link below.

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Katie L

“My intuitive guidance session with Kate was truly life changing and dare I say it---shifted me into a new dimension of sorts? I feel so at peace and so connected to myself and the universe on such an intense soul level. Things are making so much sense that have happened to me throughout my lifetime. Things that for 42 years, made me think I was weird, crazy, different………..? But our time unlocked so much for me.

My soul is open and so much is coming in now and the peace I feel knowing it is ok to embrace this part of me is something I am incredibly grateful for.”

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