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Meditating on the Beach


Experience the love from the spirit world and the light of your soul within a grounded, safe space. 

Kate Stacom, Evidential Medium and Spiritual Teacher

Meet Kate

Are you ready for something different? If so, you are in the right place.

Hi Beautiful Soul,

I am so glad you're here. All labels aside, I am someone who has searched for a connection to the spirit world and deeper relationship with my own soul over and over again and come out stronger each time. I have experienced the heartbreak of losing a caregiver when I was 12 years old, the isolation and fear of being a child-medium who was "different" communicating with people who weren't physically here and the true surrendering experience of birthing a child into the world whose survival was not guaranteed. I know what it feels like to wonder, "there must be something more!" I went down the path of traditional healing both as a practitioner and as a recipient yet I left wanting more. Through years of internal practice, my external changed and I began to see the tremendous healing capacity of spirit and soul. I believe it is our divine right to feel connection to the spirit world and to live our lives regularly guided by our soul. Let's uncover where you are being guided so that you may experience true wholeness here in this lifetime. 

Hear From Kate's Community

Cracked Rocks
“Kate was so accurate it was insane. Things no one but my husband and I knew. She was the first one to make me realize he is still with me in the present and it’s ok to keep him with me instead of feeling like I need to think of him in the past tense and as a memory or something I need to get over and move on from. I never knew they also grow on the other side. She helped me grow.
 I feel like Kate had me look inward for strength to make me feel like I am enough versus trying to find strength only through someone or something else."

Rebecca Z

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