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Our interests are meaningful

I’m here to give you all a big reminder. We like certain things in this life for a reason. Yes, it’s that simple. There is a reason in our mind, body and spirit for why we like what we do. In fact, it is my experience that we are so conditioned to operate according to what we should like that we don’t even ask ourselves why we like certain things. We don’t make time to get to know ourselves and tend to the parts of ourselves that “like” things. Remember when you were little and one of the ways that you individualized was to say what your favorite thing was? Favorite ice cream, color, sport, etc.? I still remember the feeling of pride when I would say my favorites. I would say it with conviction and continue to tune into the other things in my life that I enjoyed. I do recognize the ways that this exercise may feel a bit inauthentic but it does offer children the opportunity to be reflective. As adults, there is not a lot of reflection on how we are individuals within a collective group. We don’t ask ourselves how we are different and tune in more to how we are alike. However, our likes and interests are a part of what makes us different AND similar. Our interests, also make us feel good! They light us up, help us remember why we are here on this Earth and give fuel to our soul's purpose .

As a clinician trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, I am keenly aware of the importance of engaging in pleasurable events throughout our day. In DBT, this is referred to as an emotion regulation strategy. To put it simply, these strategies are meant to provide foundation to our daily life so that when life hands us a curve ball, we are ready. Engaging in our interests throughout the day, actually creates resilience within us and helps us to be more prepared for life's hardships. I enjoy art (Norman Rockwell and Gustav Klimt in particular), I love my hot cup of coffee in the morning and dress myself in bamboo or softer fabrics whenever I can (to name a few). These interests, calm my mind, light up my spirit and help my body feel safe and comfortable.

What would you say are your interests? What are the things that you engage in that truly provide a foundation for which to stand? Tune in to your daily life over the weekend and pay attention to how you are incorporating the things that you love into your rhythm. Care for these things for it is within the joy that we connect to our soul and shine our light!

All my love,

Kate Stacom, MSW, LICSW

Clinically Informed & Soul Centered

"Bridging Mental Health and Spirituality to Bring You Inner Peace"

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