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Simplify and Be Real (with a little therapy sprinkled in)

Hello Beautiful Soul!


I am connecting regarding housekeeping updates that I am SO excited to share.


Quick Read:

I have changed my booking system, simplified offerings and am accepting therapy referrals for Massachusetts residents! Peek here for therapy profile.


The two messages that I have been hearing from Spirit over and over again lately are SIMPLIFY and KEEP SHINING! This, along with my continued soul-centered way of living has inspired me to remove some of the unnecessary clutter from my business operations AND be even more intentional about my offerings so that I can have more intuitive agency and creative freedom in my daily life and within service of soul and spirit! 


The two primary ways that you may feel this change: 1. Booking Process  2. Offerings




I have made the decision to part ways with my online booking calendar. When you book with me now it will be through the old fashioned way aka “contact me.” I now have a booking form on my website within my offerings to contact me and provide necessary details to book. I am REALLY excited to actually connect with you all before you book now. For package clients, we will rebook at each session to allow for the commitment and intention that this work calls for. For those with current packages, not to worry! Acuity is still open for the rest of the month and I have made record of completed and available sessions and encourage you to do the same.



Since my own soul has been evolving and growing, my clarity around the way that I am called to work with spirit and other souls has evolved with it (as it should)! I am so blessed that I am not the same person I was yesterday because I am constantly growing. At this time, there are five ways to work with me.


You all........I have said it before and I will say it again. This is revolutionary work to help you build your intuitive muscle and experience the wisdom of your soul. In my experience, while we work on growing our intuitive knowing, we also must learn to attend to the mind, body and spirit so that our whole self is being heard. This is exactly what you learn to do in this guide. It is a workbook/mini course all in one and is designed to be something that you utilize throughout the day. Want more support around this work? Book a package to receive direct support around how to be in a state of awareness in order to listen in and respond to your soul fully, or, an intuitive check-in so that I can guide you around specific questions about your journey with this life-changing guide.


This is a very sacred container in which I endeavor to support you in experiencing the tremendous love and support from the spirit world and the light of your soul within a grounded, safe space.


During this time together I surrender to Spirit completely and ask that you do as well to let all that is meant for you to come forward. I may offer mediumship, intuitive spiritual guidance or both. There is no way of knowing what is meant to come forward. This sets up our time together to unfold the most unbelievable healing to occur. I have such reverence for this space of returning to wholeness and I am truly awestruck every time I see what unfolds when both the medium (me) and the sitter (you) surrender to all outcomes. 


I do ask that before booking this offering, you are in a space where you are ready and open to receive radical, deep and transformational information from soul and Spirit. I am not called to be a fortune teller in this space, Thus, I do not provide answers to questions about the future, health-related questions nor insight around someone else or anything that would be an invasion of another persons privacy.


My greatest joy is giving you the tools you need to independently seek out advice and insight through listening in and responding to your soul. This is an amazing chance to work one on one with an intuitive, spiritual mentor (me!) to develop your intuition and grow in your relationship with your soul. During this time, you will receive direct, individualized support from me and my spirit team to practice intuitive strategies, and focus your mind, center the body and connect to spirit so that you can live your life more aligned with your soul.


This package is for those looking to live more authentically, experience the magic of living each day according to their soul and follow through with intention, purpose and support from yours truly. 


Although I will use my intuitive spiritual guidance to validate your own inner knowing and help you listen in and respond to your soul, I will not provide intuitive insight that is separate from confirming your own process. This is because this is the time for you to strengthen your own intuition and connection to your soul and truly embody this.


Some people may choose to book an Intuitive/Mediumship reading prior to this package but this is not necessary!


This is an easily accessible and digestible way for you to receive love from your own soul and spirit.


During this process you will submit one to two questions regarding your alignment with your soul purpose and areas that are in need of some support and clarity.


Once again, I am not called to be a fortune teller in this space, Thus, I do not provide answers to questions about the future, health-related questions nor insight around someone else or anything that would be an invasion of another persons privacy.


This is an offering that is sometimes utilized for integrating the information received from a private reading. This can be helpful to let information from the reading settle and then return for this intuitive check-in.


Since this is a new offering, I am seeing how this evolves in serving my own soul and work.


Massachusetts residents, I am now accepting new referrals for my therapy practice! As life has continued to ebb and flow with beautiful change, I have open spaces for therapy. This beautiful soul-centered business of mine (where I am sending this email from) is separate from my psychotherapy practice and the beautiful intuitive offerings that I have here are not therapy nor should they be! However, I know many of you have asked about my therapy practice for your own community so I am so grateful to be able to provide that now! For more information, please visit here. You may also email me at if you have any questions at all!


So, there you have it friends! I am ready and open to supporting you through these beautiful offerings! My soul is SO excited to see you all shine!





Be well and be you!


Kate Stacom

Supporting Wholeness Through Spirit and Soul

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