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The Summer of Sweet Surrender

Hi Beautiful Soul, This summer has truly been one for the books for me. In some pleasant and some not so pleasant ways, I have grown tremendously. My soul has been asking me to shed every single thing possible for me to head into the fall season more alive, and more ready than ever. This last month, I had two weeks where I experienced “The Dark Night of the Soul.” I felt completely disconnected from Spirit (although I never truly am). It was terrifying and left me no other option than to just be. My mind was trying to rationalize the experience because it couldn’t understand. It was scared. Yet, I leaned on my supports, gave myself the acceptance I needed and surrendered. During this time, I spoke to one of my closest friends who is an expert on all things “Dark Night of The Soul”, Dr Danielle Clark. She gave me one of the best pieces of advice ever. She said “Kate, people don’t recognize that the soul can grow in an instant. You are not the same person you were two weeks ago. You are not being called to do the same things you once were doing. Try surrendering to that with love and see what happens.” So, I did. I surrendered. I told my mind it’s okay and I leaned in. I let go of old projects that no longer served me and let my mind rest for as long as it needed. What I found, is that the moment I let go, and surrendered in the darkness, I found the light. I began to experience my connection to Spirit again. Still, I didn’t force “what this means.” I leaned in. Over the course of the last few weeks I have been clearer than ever about my mission here on Earth (more to come). I have let go of pre-conceived notions of what this means for me and began to get creative. I have continued to ask myself “what brings me joy?” “What lights me up?” “What makes my soul sing?” I have been living more connected to my soul and less dominated by my mind than ever. Life is a winding road with twists and turns along the way. Sometimes, the things we least expect are the things that we need to lean into the most. More to come on my journey forward and the beautiful offerings that I am working on with Spirit. I will be launching my new website and opening my calendar for September very soon. Until then……………… “What are you being called to surrender to?” “What might your mind be getting very loud about”

The most potential for growth is usually the things that our minds are loudest about.

Turn to these questions….

“What brings me the most joy?” “What lights my soul up” “What makes my heart sing?”

Lean into these beautiful moments and let your mind know it is going to be okay.

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