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The What and the Why

Hi Beautiful Soul,

This month is Maternal Mental Health Month. I suffered from perinatal trauma, anxiety and depression as a result of the challenges that I endured through the perinatal period with my first born due to her diagnosis of a very severe congenital anomaly.

In my life, I have experienced the tragic loss of one of my biggest parental figures, and years of being told I was “too much.” However, it was my experience with my daughter that truly asked me to step fully into myself and shine my light. This was my why for this work. It was spirituality and surrendering through this experience that built my trust in Spirit and helped me do the work around calming my mind and grounding my body to let my soul shine!

The last four years I have been peeling back the layers of armor that protected me from a world in which I felt I didn’t belong. We are all here for a reason. I see now that all these experiences led me to my soul’s purpose. I was placed in situations where I had fallen so low that I had no other choice than to dig deeper than ever before and ask the big questions. These questions led me back to my natural gifts of intuition and mediumship and strengthened my connection with my spirituality, the bridge to my soul.

I am committed to bringing spirituality and the power of intuition and mediumship to the mental health space. Without my connection to Spirit, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have seen the tremendous effects that this support model has on others and am just so thrilled to have the privilege to do this work.

It's funny that once you find your soul's purpose, all parts and experiences of your life make sense. You realize why you met that person when you were 4, why you became a manager when you weren't very hopeful for change and why you were led to certain skill development within your industry. It all fits perfectly. The good and the bad.

Since my why has been more and more highlighted, I find Spirit leading me into the what and how. What I will be doing and how I will deliver it. These past few months I have been on a wild ride of change, uncertainty and more change. I feel like I have lived many years in three short months. What has come from that is shedding old ways of doing the work and fully embodying my soul’s purpose.

In sum, my what is to help others embody this connection to their soul’s purpose through a connected spirit, calm mind and grounded body. I know more than ever that the world needs us now to feel collectively powerful and that starts with every single one of us. We all deserve to truly embody our full selves and although my “how” might change, my what is feeling more and more cemented. Boy, does that feel good.

All my love,

Kate Stacom, MSW, LICSW

Clinically Informed & Soul Centered

"Bridging Mental Health and Spirituality to Let Your Soul Shine"

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