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Intuitive Check-In
(10-15 Minutes On Your Own Time Via Video Recordings)

Receive intuitive guidance in a digestible, easily accessible way.

Do you have a desire for intuitive guidance from Kate that is quick, easily digestible and can be received on your own time?

Submit one to two questions to Kate for intuitive guidance. She will then return a video recording of her, with all that Spirit has to share surrounding these questions. The recordings are about 10-15 minutes in length. Kate will also share recommendations from her own soul regarding ways to move forward with the information shared.

The Process:

You will submit your questions for Kate at the time via voice memo or written submission. A voice memo can be super helpful for you and Kate to blend energetically into the questions. If you are not comfortable recording a voice memo, or if it doesn't work out technologically, no worries! You may submit them through writing. You will still receive the same, love-filled response from Kate. She will then return a password protected video recording with your intuitive guidance via email.

Important to Note:

These questions should most importantly be directed towards you, your soul path and living out your life in alignment with your soul. Kate is not a fortune teller and does not predict future events. Kate also does not provide intuitive guidance surrounding health-related questions. If you have two questions, Spirit may decide to focus primarily on one of the questions. However, Kate will do her best to touch on both of them.

Investment is $40 for 10-15 minutes of intuitive guidance through video.

To purchase, and provide information for checkout click the link below!

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