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Lean In to Lean Out

Hello Beautiful You,


The other day I was talking to one of my closest friends who’s also a medium about the way of the world today. Times are changing and they are changing so fast that you might find yourself starting something only to discover that while you are doing it, the meaning or intention behind it gets lost and you stop. This isn’t anything you have done wrong it’s simply that the energy is changing so fast that what was once in alignment no longer is. It takes deep courage and self-respect to walk away from something that no longer serves especially when time or other forms of investment have been behind it (and there almost always is). However, there is also deep power in revisiting something that our soul is calling us back to even if we thought we closed that chapter.


We are all being called to get clearer and clearer about what is or isn’t in alignment with our soul. For me, this has been closing out parts of my life AND surprisingly opening up new “old” parts that I felt were closed for good. The wording that I used with my friend is that I am “leaning in to lean out.” Sometimes our soul calls us to revisit something in order to get clearer around what does and doesn’t resonate. Leaning in and trying on allows us to lean out with more conviction and purpose. 


In various different ways, the world of today makes it very hard for us to see real from fake. So much so that we may question ourselves often. Especially when our soul calls us to revisit something from the past. However, it is so important that we not only listen in to our soul but that we respond and show it that we are following its lead.


We are being called to dig deeper into our soul and where our soul is calling us moment to moment. It is within this timeline, living according to our soul-rhythm that life unfolds as it needs to. It’s not always glorious or shiny. Quite frankly, this year isn’t about any of that. It’s about getting clearer and clearer about your light and your shadows. The parts of you that shine and the parts of you that help your light shine brighter. Giving purpose to how you show up in the world.


I have been finding myself more disciplined than ever as I recognize the importance of discernment in this ever-evolving world. I know in my heart that my soul always knows the truth. So, if my soul is calling me to lean into areas that I thought were closed, I am going to answer with a resounding YES (and care take my brain as it tries to tell me no). In The Essentials: A Jump-Start Guide to Soul-Centered Living I talk about how as we grow in our relationship with our soul and feel into our soul-rhythm, the brain will inevitably get very loud. This is because it senses change which in turn, feels like danger. It is important that you keep doing what you are doing to show the brain that it is not in danger and that this new change is the “new way.”


How are you showing up for yourself day in and day out? Are you confident in your soul and how it communicates to you? Are you finding yourself revisiting things from your past that you thought were done?


I deeply invite you to ask yourself this question: 


If I was without access to the internet, or others opinions, how would I know MY truth?


Spend some time truly sitting with this question. You may journal, go for a mindful walk, meditate, pray etc. However you find the answer isn’t important but it's critical that you do.


Helping you grow in your relationship with your soul and experience the wisdom that it holds is something I do not take lightly. It is amazing what unfolds once you live life according to your inner compass. As always, I am here for you as a guide to help you develop discernment through intuition and your relationship with your soul. You may use my guidebook or receive 1:1 support through my soul-centered package. 

All my love,


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