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Peace in the Simplicity

Hi Beautiful Soul,


While sitting with Spirit this week to prepare for my “Familiar Feelings Friday” video, a beautiful message emerged. "There is tremendous potential for peace in simplicity." Our society places a great emphasis on consumption and yearning for shinier, bigger, and better acquisitions. This has created a rat race to always do more and obtain more things in order to feel better about our own lives.


 You are equipped with EVERYTHING you need to fulfill your soul purpose here in this lifetime. However, we aren’t given the tools to actually FEEL like we have “enough” and to live life according to this mindset. Our minds are hardwired for survival and in this society, survival means doing all of the things to reach a certain level of success. Sadly, even when we reach that success, we are not satisfied. Our minds are still activated to do more and are bodies do not know what to do with stillness.


Here lies the peace in simplicity…….We need to train our minds to reach for other measures of safety and for our body to feel safe in the stillness. This is where my passion for my clinically-informed and soul-centered curriculum as well as my foundational clinical practices come into place. Through my own experience, I have seen the tremendous power that my soul has in moving me away from a place of anxiety, depression and uncertainty and into a place of confidence, joy and centeredness. I have helped my mind prioritize soul-aligned activities and objectives over anything else. I have seen the tremendous change in my nervous system as it too has recognized that it is safe to follow a soul-centered rhythm (there's a worksheet on this in "The Essentials") and move away from the “shoulds” of the world (also a worksheet on this).


Moving into this holiday season I ask that you begin to ask yourself what your soul is encouraging you to prioritize. How can you simplify your days to come back to yourself and give your mind and body some time to catch up and settle in and for your spirit to feel joy.


Ask yourself these questions for your mind and body:


1.  What does my mind need in order for it to be exposed to stillness? How can it practice feeling safe in not doing anything at all? (Hint: Walks in nature, washing dishes from turkey dinner while simply noticing the sensations)


2.  How can my body experience simplicity today? (Hint: Feel into your energy reserves. How much energy and space do you have each day and plan for action accordingly).


Can your spirit be brought into the picture a bit?


1. What joy is your spirit calling you to experience this season? (Hint: Baking cookies just to bake them without any desired outcome; sending a thoughtful note to your neighbor or friend).



Sending you SO much joy and love,


Kate Stacom, MSW, LICSW

Clinically-Informed & Soul-Centered

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