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Relationships Are Our Greatest Teachers

Hi Beautiful Soul,

Do you know that saying, “relationships are our greatest teachers?” This has been running through my head a lot over the course of the last month or so. A common theme in my life recently has been seeing the power of relationships not only in my work with clients but also in my personal life. It is truly incredible to see the way that relationships push us to be better, do better and live more authentically.

Growing up as a neurodivergent (flaming ADHD) child, relationships were not always easy for me. I loved BIG and sometimes was not quite understood. I communicated out of turn, and often was a bit blunt. Again, always out of deep care and love but you can’t expect every 12 year old friend of mine to understand this. As a result of the rejection and hurt, I learned to be extra careful with relationships. I filtered my voice at times for fear that I would not be understood. As an adult this has turned into prioritizing genuine, trustworthy relationships with people who challenge me AND love me for all that I am and all that I bring.

This month I have taken a real critical look at the ways that my relationships are helping or not helping my soul shine. If I am being honest here, this can sting. When you look at things through a “soul-centered lense”, they do not always appear the way that you intended or the way that you “think” things should be. You see the bumps, rough spots, discolored, and faded spots. You feel the pain, hurt or sadness AND you also see the potential for something greater than. Your soul shines a light on the areas that are not working AND the areas that are set up for greatness. In return, it not only helps your relationship with others but also your relationship with yourself. By listening in and responding, you are telling your soul that you are here. You are ready and open no matter how hard it is.

One of the greatest parts of healing that I have observed in my Clinical Mediumship work is within the relationship. The relationship between my client and their own soul and the relationship between my client and loved one’s in Spirit. My work has provided them the space and connection to listen in, speak their truth, and heal relational patterns that have existed for lifetimes and generations. To my surprise, I have been a bit of a couples or family counselor between the spirit world and my client. It has been a true gift to see what can unfold with relationships. I have had clients who have said “my family member would never have listened to that here in the physical world,” or “I would have never said that.” Their souls were not able to do the healing here in the physical world but they are now. Although healing is of course preferred in this realm, healing can and does exist when one member is in the Spirit world and I am honored to be of witness to it.

A few questions for you:

1. If you were looking at your relationships through a “soul-centered lense” what would you see?

a. Take a few deep breaths

b. Center and ground yourself to the seat beneath you

c. Connect to your energy and feel it expand around you and up

d. Feel the Spirit world come closer and meet that space

e. Ask yourself:

i. How is my relationship with _______?

ii. Are they providing joy for my soul?

iii. Do I feel honored, understood and heard?

iv. What can be shifted so that my soul is very present in this relationship?

f. Repeat this for each relationship that you want to look at.

I am sending you all love, light and healing on your journey. I am hoping that each and every one of you is surrounded by the love, care and support that your soul deserves. May this love and joy emanate from you back into your life ten-fold!

All my love,


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