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Allow Time to Settle

Hello Beautiful Soul, Since my last newsletter I have been moving through a big period of growth which followed the rebranding that I recently unveiled. I launched my monthly workshop series “Intuition and Spiritual Development for Mental Health” with my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Lenore Matthew, and had a very successful “Caregiver Check In” event from which I raised hundreds of dollars for Postpartum Support International. I felt so full and embodied in my true purpose. Now that the dust has settled a bit, I have noticed that so much of this expansion has been internal and the human part of my brain is CRAVING external change. It is twiddling its little thumbs wondering when everything that my soul knows is right is is going to come into fruition. It is yelling “I WANT MORE!” These times of tremendous internal change yet unclear external change can be a challenge. To draw a visual picture for you. Imagine a flower rooting deep into the Earth, and growing upwards, beginning to bud up from the surface yet when it reaches above ground, the sun isn’t there to meet it. The flower is sitting there, shining it’s light, yet faced with clouds…….In human terms, we can feel the rumblings of what is to come yet we are very uncertain about what this will look like and WHEN it will happen! (As our brain screams from the rooftops). I am here to tell you that the sun WILL come back. You can and will find clarity. You will step further on your path. During this liminal space, settle into the present moment. There is so much happening externally, shifting around, yet we just can’t see it yet. Actually, I believe it is within these moments when there are pieces of your current life that may never be around again. We are being called to prioritize and clear what is no longer of service to us in order to be even more ready to step into our true selves once the sun does come out. These last couple of weeks have helped me to find more clarity around my priorities, including the people in my life and most importantly, the parts of myself that need to step forward and the old patterns that need to be left behind. By taking my foot off the gas pedal a bit and just coasting, I was given the opportunity to look around and see the things in my life that I will always surround with love and care AND the things in my life that I am ready to let go of and say goodbye to forever. I actually feel a sense of completion around patterns that have been with me since childhood (exhale). I feel lighter, full of trust and connection to source and more anchored to my intentions. I am now ready to grow tall, strong and more vibrant than ever once the sun comes out again. Please come along this journey with me. You are not alone and I am cheering you on! Below are a written prompts to help you get clearer about your intentions and priorities…..
  1. If you had an entire day to spend looking at your life as a fly on the wall, what would you see? What things do you think you need to be encouraged to let go of? What would be essential to hold onto?

  2. When you release your foot off the gas pedal, what feelings, thoughts and actions come up for you? Is there fear, anxiety, relief? Worried thinking about missing something, not controlling everything, or somebody else taking your spot if you don’t work fast enough? Do you find yourself changing your behavior according to how you feel and what you think? Or, do you allow yourself to settle into the stillness and just be?

  3. If someone told you that all your worries could be taken away, what would you prioritize? How would you spend your day?

The stillness gives us the power to re-evaluate where we are on our paths, create intention and relax into what is. This is not the time to force or push anything. In fact, by removing your foot from the gas pedal you are letting yourself fall into the rhythm of the universe. With the utmost gratitude and love, Kate Stacom, LICSW Intuitive Guide, Evidential Medium

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