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You are perfectly you!

There have been such massive changes in the energy of our world lately and I hope you all are adjusting as best you can. One thing that has become clearer to me is that our world is asking for and deserving of BIG changes and I am hopeful that they are on the horizon.


More than ever, during these trying times there is a deep call to live as authentic as possible. We are being called to ask ourselves this question:

1.If the structures in place from which I stand begin to crumble away (i.e. career, educational status, income, etc), what am I left with?


To me, that is our soul. This is why soul-centered living to me isn’t a choice. It is the reason we are here. After the labels, the facades and the masks no longer exist, who are you? It is at that place where we are truly living.


I don’t say this to create fear or trepidation but to give you hope that you are always where you need to be, you are not alone and perhaps there is an invitation to dig a bit deeper.  I am deeply practicing this myself and as I have said before, it is not easy work. However, it gives us deeper meaning to the pain, and far clearer purpose than any label, certificate, degree, occupation, relationship, or material item ever has.


In my experience, one of the very first steps to stepping into soul-centered living is first allowing ourselves to see the ways that we have lived our lives governed by the “shoulds” of the world rather than by our soul and internal compass. I invite you to ask yourself these questions:


1. What “shoulds” have governed the way that I have lived my life thus far? (occupation, degrees, love life, friendships, physical location).


2. Where did these “shoulds” come from? (people, media, culture/society)


3. What are some small steps that I can take to begin to live in more authentic alignment with my soul? (see things for what they are, exercise autonomy is some areas of your life).


Keep in mind, whatever may come up while investigating these questions for yourself doesn’t need to be analyzed or unfolded to the tenth degree. Sometimes, it is enough to simply be aware and acknowledge these truths.


Life is not meant to perfect but it IS meant to be lived. 


Be well and be you!




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