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What is vacation for?

Have you heard the term soul centered living? To me, this is living life according to what your soul desires and needs. In essence, it is walking this Earth, shining as bright as you desire and leaving a beautifully unique footprint in your place. It is my life’s purpose to help people fully live their lives and I understand that sometimes, life’s circumstances can make soul centered living extremely challenging.

It is harder to tune in and respond to your soul when you are being asked to eat, sleep and be somewhere at a certain time. Today, we are all programmed around the clock rather than by our energy reserves, the sun and our inner most desires. In my experience, this causes exhaustion and mental health struggles due to feeling disconnected from ourselves and our environment.

This week, my daughter is on vacation from school and as a family, we are away from our normal groove of scheduled activities. It has been incredible to experience the benefits that this less structured week has had on me. I am happier, more grounded and actually doing the things I like to do! I am leaving the house at the time of day that feels best for me and not racing out to get my daughter to and from school. I am a person who has always felt like I benefit from structure and although we have our daily routines this week, I feel free to be flexible in how we move through our day.

Vacation is often discussed through the perspective of a different environment, time in the sun or in the mountains. However, what if the benefits of vacation truly is simply living in accordance to what you desire? It’s a wonderful example of living your life in a soul centered way. That is of course, if you spend vacation not following the clock and truly allowing your day to unfold freely without restraint.

Some questions to ponder……….

1. If I was on a vacation from my daily life without any time constraints or external expectations.

a. How would I spend my day?

b. What would be my compass and barometer for this time (i.e. body, brain, people)?

c. How would my body, mind and soul feel as a result of living this way?

2. What if I came home and kept living this way?

a. What would be different?

b. What would be the same?

c. What would need to crumble away?

d. What would be new and exciting?

I hope these questions are helpful to you! Starting to live your life in a soul centered way can be a bit scary and new but it is SO worth it!

Wish you all the best!


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